What does I-F mean to you?

I-F was created with the idea in mind of forming lasting community connections. The initial iteration of this name was ‘Inclusive-Friendships’ as the ultimate goal was to help people find and maintain relationships with others in the community. However, something about that name by itself didn’t feel complete, and limiting ourselves to that name seemed to also limit our services as well as the people who could benefit from our club.

Instead, we chose to keep I-F intentionally vague as a name in order to let you determine what it means to you. A few possibilities that we will expand upon are listed below:

Inclusive Friendships
Interactive Fiction
Including Fun
Increasing Functionality
Improving Futures
Identity Finding
Idea Formulation
Independent Freedoms
Integrity First
Important Factors
Immersive Functioning
Important Foundations
Imaginative Fulfillment
Inclusive Fellowship
Information Facilitating
Insightful Framework
Inspiring Function
Instructive Formation
Innovate Fundamentals
Illustrating Foresight

Information For…