How a QR Code can help

A QR code can link to any website you wish for it to.  Put it on a business card with extremely important information along with instructions on how to scan a QR code.   This is great in situations where you have important (but private) information that you do not […]

Vocalic /r/ discrimination: minimal pairs word lists

The /r/ sound is one of the trickiest sounds in the English language and it generally takes children years to master the sound.  Part of the reason for this difficulty is the fact that there are are 24 different ways to produce an /r/ sound based on co-articulation factors.   Below […]

No such thing as a ‘bad word’

Let me preface this post by saying that I understand the reasoning behind the conventional usage of the term ‘bad words’.  For the majority of the population, it is simply easier to say that certain words are ‘bad’, ‘off limits’, ‘curse words’, etc…  However, in reality, there is no such […]